Sedona Stone has a variety of programs to meet any budget.  We currently have programs at $1395, $1495, $1795, $1995, $2395 and $2695.  The only difference in the program pricing is the material you choose.


If you are looking to add a durable elegance to your home or business, Sedona Stone & Tile has the knowledge and experience you are looking for. With more than 50 years of combined experience perfecting nature’s true beauty, our goal has always been to satisfy our customers and that’s what we do. We believe in earning your business and exceeding your expectations.

We have a great selection to choose from at the best possible price. Our installation experts install both natural stone and engineered stone countertops, and do so flawlessly and on time. Our expertise ranges from vanities to bars and fireplaces, and much, much more.

We have taken the complexity and uncertain pricing of the sqft model and created by the slab pricing. That means you get flat rate pricing for anything you can get out of your slab.  Do you have room left on the slab after doing your kitchen and want to get more our of your slab?  Then throw in a vanity, window sills, fireplace hearth, etc.  As long as it fits, there is no additional charge for you.  We make it grocery shoppable.

A Wide Selection of Color Options at $1495

If the job is too large for just one slab of granite, the cost is NOT doubled. The cost for two slabs is just $2,595, all included.